Autumn Splendor

19 Sep

I guess liking fall and Halloween harkens back to my youth, (read my last post if you are confused, actually why not read all of them). It might also be my love of the color red/orange/pink.  So I am very excited that it is September and summer is ending. Yes everyone I am NOT a fan of summer. I HATE being hot and the sun HATES me, so it’s a rather symbiotic relationship. If I ever move to a different state, it will definitely be a place that is cooler and less humid, UGH!

I am pretty sure that I love EVERYTHING about fall, the leaves, pumpkins, the crisp air, corduroy, the jackets, boots, and scarves, the spicy aromas, and of course the fall inspired food! I am writing this while drinking my pumpkin spice coffee from the Fresh Market. They FINALLY opened one close to my work, YEAH for my tummy, not so YEAH for my wallet.

My house decor is decorated for fall year round since the majority of my colors and accents are warm like these beautiful trees:

And this color palette:

Ohhhhhh I just love it!!!!!!! I know major nerd alert.

I look forward every year to putting out my fall and Halloween decorations, but I’m not sure if I’m going to go do too much this year or not. The main reason is that my basement flooded thanks to Hurricane Irene (what a biatch!) and since that is where most of my decorations are and it looks like a scene out of a disaster flick, I’m just not feeling it. Which is kind of bummer, plus the heir is only 14 months old, so there’s my other reason. No need to explain too much of that. So we’ll see I might get more inspired once it’s less swamp-esque outside and my basement becomes organized once again.

So in lieu of decorating my house, I’ve been decorating my one of Pinterest boards (with the same name as this post, yes I am VERY creative in the naming). Here are some of my favs:

And of course this Pumpkin-Praline Layer Cake. Looks sooooo delish:

Okay, so now I am hungry and want some more pumpkin coffee.


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