Luscious Locks

25 Aug

So I am ginger, if you couldn’t figure that out on your own from my blog title, then I feel bad for your lack of observation skills and imagination. I am not one of the ones with the super orange hair (that’s the Duke, ha!), mine was (yes, was) more of a strawberry blonde of sorts. My body hair and eyebrows are blonde, yes TMI. I guess some purists would say I’m not a true redhead, but they can kiss my freckled arse.

Anywho like all teenagers, I hated my hair and had it about every color of the rainbow including black and blonde. I was into the goth thing for quite a while. It’s also been short, long, and every length in between. In my early twenties I FINALLY decided that I’d like to go back to my natural color, so I cut my hair into the go-to-bob and let it grow out. I went for a trim at the salon that I was frequenting and what I thought were blonde hairs, were in fact white ones.


I knew that my family was blessed with nice thick hair that goes grey prematurely, but sheesh I didn’t think that it would happen that fast. So then I decided to dye it again, then after another round of dye and cuts, I decided to see how much grey there was and grew out the natural color again a few years later. And actually kept it. Everyone said that my white looks like blonde highlights and I guess I’m lucky since my hair is light and it’s turning white and not some strange grey color.

But I know that it’s white, but I staved off the dye for 4 years!!! But after the heir was born, I was feeling frumpy, gross, and old, but at least my hair was nice and long thanks to the pregnancy hormones. So I decided to dye it again, so the cycle continues. But at least I haven’t cut it.

I’ve been haunting the interwebs and youtube for hair style tutorials  and am LOVING it. I would say I spend a large majority of my “work” week doing that I love trying new styles with my long hair.  Curly, wavy, braids, etc. . Mind you if it’s complicated or takes more than 20 minutes, I’m not going to bother and it will just be another ponytail day.

Anywho here are some styles that I LOVE!!!!

I am also ALL ABOUT the hair accessories, clips, headbands, bobby pins, elastics, whatever. I love to incorporate them into my ensemble. Miss Sadie Priss made these a few years ago and I still love wearing them, I also got to model them in our lovely office. My hair was short at the time. Surprise!

Here’s another one:

Here are some that I think are FAB and would love to have. Along with the hair of course.

I should have been a hairstylist!!!!!!!


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