Pinterest is the DEVIL!!!!

21 Aug

Thanks to my fab co-worker I was introduced to the world of awesome that is Pinterest this site is ADDICTING!!! There is food, fashion, jewelry, crafty project ideas, homes, interior decorating ideas, etc, etc.  I could spend all day on there looking and “pinning” all of the cool stuff that I see, but that wouldn’t unfortunately be a very practical use of my time, so we’ll leave it at that. It has brought out the fashion designer, hair stylist, make-up artist, and florist, that I’ve always wanted to be (yes, all of them at once) and if I have a chance at a second career, that it exactly what I am going to do. It’s like one stop shopping to make you feel beautiful and the flowers will just be a perk cause they are soooooooooo purty and smell delish of course.

There are so many hilariously sarcastic sayings on there that I decided to take one of the front of my shelving units in my cube, yes I know it’s sad and make it into my official mood board. My intention is to change it periodically, but I am still digging it, so until I come into my small space in hell one morning and want to rip it all down (yes, I can be that impulsive and dramatic) it will stay put.

Here are some of the sayings that I think fit my perfectly:



You may speak

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