Autumn Splendor

19 Sep

I guess liking fall and Halloween harkens back to my youth, (read my last post if you are confused, actually why not read all of them). It might also be my love of the color red/orange/pink.  So I am very excited that it is September and summer is ending. Yes everyone I am NOT a fan of summer. I HATE being hot and the sun HATES me, so it’s a rather symbiotic relationship. If I ever move to a different state, it will definitely be a place that is cooler and less humid, UGH!

I am pretty sure that I love EVERYTHING about fall, the leaves, pumpkins, the crisp air, corduroy, the jackets, boots, and scarves, the spicy aromas, and of course the fall inspired food! I am writing this while drinking my pumpkin spice coffee from the Fresh Market. They FINALLY opened one close to my work, YEAH for my tummy, not so YEAH for my wallet.

My house decor is decorated for fall year round since the majority of my colors and accents are warm like these beautiful trees:

And this color palette:

Ohhhhhh I just love it!!!!!!! I know major nerd alert.

I look forward every year to putting out my fall and Halloween decorations, but I’m not sure if I’m going to go do too much this year or not. The main reason is that my basement flooded thanks to Hurricane Irene (what a biatch!) and since that is where most of my decorations are and it looks like a scene out of a disaster flick, I’m just not feeling it. Which is kind of bummer, plus the heir is only 14 months old, so there’s my other reason. No need to explain too much of that. So we’ll see I might get more inspired once it’s less swamp-esque outside and my basement becomes organized once again.

So in lieu of decorating my house, I’ve been decorating my one of Pinterest boards (with the same name as this post, yes I am VERY creative in the naming). Here are some of my favs:

And of course this Pumpkin-Praline Layer Cake. Looks sooooo delish:

Okay, so now I am hungry and want some more pumpkin coffee.


Punky Princess at Heart

12 Sep

Back in the day, I mean when I was about 13 or so in the throes of adolescence, which we all remember so fondly (NOT) I was inspired by my cousin (who recently passed) and her/my friends to start dressing as I guess you would term it now, goth or punk.

Honestly though I’d rather have my daughter dress like I did then like a ho-bag or someone out of a rap video. I am not knocking the hip hop, I do love me some Jay-Z, T.I., and Swizz Beatz, so there! Anyway back to the point (yes, there is one), I have certainty tamed down my look over the years, mostly I think because I am now comfortable with who I am and blah, blah, blah, but I have not lost my fondness of the edgy-ness. I have a nose ring, be it small, but it’s still there and 3 tattoos, nothing super big or extravagant. I also still prefer the dark nail polishes and would have my hair brighter and more funky if salons weren’t such money pits.

So anyway, I’ve still want some more tattoos, but there are a few issues that stand in my way #1 the Duke it not too keen on them, not that I usually care what he thinks, normally that would just make me want to do it 100 times more, but in this case I do, esp since he is the one that has to look at my body and let’s face it that is not looking super fine at the moment, #2 they are EXPENSIVE! ( and I am inherently cheap), #3 there is still a prejudice against people who have them and since I work in an office environment it would not be looked upon favorably (unless I can keep them hidden). But what I think I’ve decided that I want is (if I ever get the nerve and money) is a half sleeve, you know like when half your arm is all tatted up, but it doesn’t go past your elbow.

Okay, so that’s great, but what the hell would I want on it. Well after lots of thought, I am 99.9% sure that I want some sort of Alice in Wonderland theme. I have that whole movie memorized (yes, there is def something wrong with me, but that will take up a whole other post). It’s been one of the only consistent things that I’ve liked since I was a kid. Here are some images that have inspired me (yes, it’s the Disney version):

I was all happy with my decision until I was at my friend’s house this weekend and she has a bunch more tattoos and tells me that she’d like another of her girls’ birth flower, they are twins. I’m like damn that’s a great idea. I would love to have a tattoo of the heir’s birth flower.The heir’s birth flower (yes, I had to look it up thank you google) is a larkspur?? Yeah, I’m not much of a botanist, but they generally look like this:

MMMM pretty cool, so here I am back to square one with what I want to do. LOVE YOU LADY F, but thanks for putting me back to square one!

No longer a book hoarder

7 Sep

So I got a Barnes and Noble Nook for the pretense of being my birthday present even though I bought it for myself. I decided to go with the new color one since you could also access the interwebs, I was torn though because the color one is of course heavier and not quite as book like as the original, nor the Amazon Kindle. But what really sold me on the Nook, was that you can borrow books from the library on it because it is an Andriod based tablet and can use Adobe software, more specifically the Adobe Digital Editions. Sorry, that was a lot of tech garble, I am really not that tech savvy, but I kind of understand how it all works, or at least I think I do. The local library has quite a lot of eBooks that are on loan and not having to buy a book unless I want to is very much appealing to me.

Except for a short time when I was a cranky teenager and when I was in college I took a hiatus from reading for pleasure, but now that I no longer have to study and read horrible college text books, I am now back to enjoying one of my favorite past times. Since I have such an affinity for reading, I tend to buy book even though I really don’t need to, but for some reason, I like owning them, I’ve tried to curb my spending on novels and am trying only to buy books that are more information based and non-fiction. Unfortunately that hasn’t gone too well (two book shelves later) until I got my Nook. And lucky for me since I bought it for “my birthday” when people asked me what I wanted I told them Barnes and Noble gift cards. So now I have about 10 books on my Nook and it takes up NO ROOM!!!!! It is fantastic, plus if there is a word that I don’t know, (yes I was still using a dictionary to look up words), now I can just press and hold and it looks it up on the internet for me. BRILLIANT!

So of course this begs the question, “Your Grace, what is on your reading list”? Well I am currently reading (on my Nook), Privilege and Scandal: The Remarkable Life of Harriet Spencer, Sister of Georgiana, by Janet Gleeson and (I usually have two book going simultaneously) Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life by Alison Weir.

After that I have in my queue:

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer

The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

The Girl with Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Trace by Patricia Cornwell


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my book!

Luscious Locks

25 Aug

So I am ginger, if you couldn’t figure that out on your own from my blog title, then I feel bad for your lack of observation skills and imagination. I am not one of the ones with the super orange hair (that’s the Duke, ha!), mine was (yes, was) more of a strawberry blonde of sorts. My body hair and eyebrows are blonde, yes TMI. I guess some purists would say I’m not a true redhead, but they can kiss my freckled arse.

Anywho like all teenagers, I hated my hair and had it about every color of the rainbow including black and blonde. I was into the goth thing for quite a while. It’s also been short, long, and every length in between. In my early twenties I FINALLY decided that I’d like to go back to my natural color, so I cut my hair into the go-to-bob and let it grow out. I went for a trim at the salon that I was frequenting and what I thought were blonde hairs, were in fact white ones.


I knew that my family was blessed with nice thick hair that goes grey prematurely, but sheesh I didn’t think that it would happen that fast. So then I decided to dye it again, then after another round of dye and cuts, I decided to see how much grey there was and grew out the natural color again a few years later. And actually kept it. Everyone said that my white looks like blonde highlights and I guess I’m lucky since my hair is light and it’s turning white and not some strange grey color.

But I know that it’s white, but I staved off the dye for 4 years!!! But after the heir was born, I was feeling frumpy, gross, and old, but at least my hair was nice and long thanks to the pregnancy hormones. So I decided to dye it again, so the cycle continues. But at least I haven’t cut it.

I’ve been haunting the interwebs and youtube for hair style tutorials  and am LOVING it. I would say I spend a large majority of my “work” week doing that I love trying new styles with my long hair.  Curly, wavy, braids, etc. . Mind you if it’s complicated or takes more than 20 minutes, I’m not going to bother and it will just be another ponytail day.

Anywho here are some styles that I LOVE!!!!

I am also ALL ABOUT the hair accessories, clips, headbands, bobby pins, elastics, whatever. I love to incorporate them into my ensemble. Miss Sadie Priss made these a few years ago and I still love wearing them, I also got to model them in our lovely office. My hair was short at the time. Surprise!

Here’s another one:

Here are some that I think are FAB and would love to have. Along with the hair of course.

I should have been a hairstylist!!!!!!!

Pinterest is the DEVIL!!!!

21 Aug

Thanks to my fab co-worker I was introduced to the world of awesome that is Pinterest this site is ADDICTING!!! There is food, fashion, jewelry, crafty project ideas, homes, interior decorating ideas, etc, etc.  I could spend all day on there looking and “pinning” all of the cool stuff that I see, but that wouldn’t unfortunately be a very practical use of my time, so we’ll leave it at that. It has brought out the fashion designer, hair stylist, make-up artist, and florist, that I’ve always wanted to be (yes, all of them at once) and if I have a chance at a second career, that it exactly what I am going to do. It’s like one stop shopping to make you feel beautiful and the flowers will just be a perk cause they are soooooooooo purty and smell delish of course.

There are so many hilariously sarcastic sayings on there that I decided to take one of the front of my shelving units in my cube, yes I know it’s sad and make it into my official mood board. My intention is to change it periodically, but I am still digging it, so until I come into my small space in hell one morning and want to rip it all down (yes, I can be that impulsive and dramatic) it will stay put.

Here are some of the sayings that I think fit my perfectly:



18 Aug

So, since I’ve started working at my latest job, I’ve encountered some uber, extremely crafty women, who quite honestly make me feel like a farce. Yes, Miss Sadie Priss I am talking about you, don’t worry though, I’ve still got mad love for ya.

Anywho, I’ve never really considered myself a very crafty and or creative person, I can barely draw a stick figure, but I feel like I have good ideas and know what looks good with what, etc. So I try to see what I can come up with.

I’d say that my first real craft project was making cards for birthday’s and special occasions, a lot of my friends were into scrap booking at the time, but I couldn’t get into that cause if a project takes more than a few days for me to complete then forget about it. I am all about the instant gratification. But that really doesn’t explain why I don’t like to cook, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

So after the cards, came the wreaths, I kept seeing them when I would go to Micheal’s and AC Moore with my friends who were buying scrap booking items, and kept thinking to myself I could TOTALLY do this and it wouldn’t cost as much as buying a nice big one. Because you see I must have a different one for each season and the weren’t exactly what I wanted, so I needed to make my own.

Here is my fall one:

I also have a spring and winter one. Already had a summer one thanks to the sis-in-law. Also very talented. Her brother (my husband The Duke of Gingerland) is an artist, so you can see why I feel entirely inadequate when it comes to the creative/artistic projects in our house.

Being a new Mom to the heiress of Gingerland, my crafting has come to a screeching halt, as has everything else in my life that I enjoy (just kidding, well maybe only a little). So to get to my point (yes, I am very long-winded) I was at the mall yesterday during my “lunch break” and I saw these hair feather clip extensions, I’m probably too old to wear one being over the age of 30, but I honestly don’t give a crap unless I am looking really dumb, but I still think I’m funky enough to get away with it.

I bought it and have spent the day looking them up on Etsy to see what other people have done and what I need, etc. They look simple enough for me to attempt and then I can have the colors, etc.  that I WANT. Plus it’ll give me something to look forward to doing when I get home besides laundry and dishes. Ugh………..

So stay tuned for some pictures of my creations.

It begins…….

3 Aug

As legend has it, The Duchess of Gingerland (myself) is attempting to blog about her life and all things interesting and pretty. Let’s see how it goes……….